Champion golf fitness has been designed as a way of letting golfers of all skill levels and physical abilities the opportunity to learn and train with methods utilized by the top players in the sport. These are the skill sets the world's best players work on to allow them to play the best golf they are capable of, stay as healthy as possible, and become resilient to the demands of the sport. We've compiled only the most effective tips and exercises used directly by players on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Ryder cup, European Tour, and multiple International Federations.  And not just by any players, but players who win regularly.  In short, this is the real deal!  In fact, what we’ve created has been used in the PGA Tour trailers to get the world's best ready to play each and every week! CGF was developed for you by Dr. Craig Davies and Dr. Vince DiSaia.

Dr. Craig Davies, DC

Doc has worked with over 100 professional golfers including world golf champions, major champions, Ryder Cup and President Cup team members, Olympic medalists, and multiple players ranked number one in the world.

Craig’s knowledge is deeply rooted in all aspects of human movement. He considers it important to look at all levels of the body from the sub cellular to the body as a whole. His passion and knowledge of both golf and movement have been a game changer for each of his athletes. He has had 10 different players finish the season ranked inside the top 10 in overall ball striking within the last decade.

Dr. Davies has consulted for numerous International Golf Federations, PGAs and presented keynote addresses at such prestigious events as the Canadian National Golf Performance Summit and World Golf Fitness Summit.  His positive approach to teaching and coaching has been an important influence and motivator for players, parents and his peers.

Dr. Vince DiSaia, DC

Dr. Vince DiSaia has spent the past 15 years optimizing human performance.  His knowledge and experience has lead numerous top level athletes from many different sports to seek his council, including many from the PGA.  His expertise in human performance and recovery, combined with his knowledge of the golf swing and mechanics, has helped him create programs to quickly change and improve golf performance. 

Aside from helping elite athletes improve physical abilities, Dr. DiSaia has become an expert in creating the ideal athlete by improving internal health and maximizing recovery capacity through his Functional Sports Medicine programs.  Utilizing cutting-edge lab analysis, comprehensive lifestyle assessments, customized nutritional guidelines, and customized performance enhancement protocols he has been able to take his client’s athletic performance to the next level.  His ability to work with his clients on multiple different levels has made a substantially positive impact on the lives of numerous athletes.

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