Frequently Asked Questions

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All of our programs come with a money back guarantee for 30 days.  Just notify us in writing within 30 days and we’ll send you all your money back, no questions asked.

We have other products as well that can expand your library of effective golf fitness exercises.  Or, you can repeat the program again to further master the movements and improve your strength.

You should not experience pain with any of the exercises.  If you do, please see your healthcare provider to get cleared for exercise or to fix your injury before proceeding with the program.

This is fairly typical.  Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.  Our programs were designed to be comprehensive to help improve your golf fitness from all necessary angles.  Continue to work on the ones you are not good at and you will see some of the biggest gains in your game.

Congratulations, this means that you are proficient and strong enough to increase resistance.  Get a band with more resistance and challenge yourself even further.

We have designed our programs to build and progress as the workout continues.  We do suggest that you work through the program in order at least the first time around to make sure that you are proficient enough to progress safely and effectively.

Definitely take your time!  If you feel like you need to repeat one of the weeks one or more times please do!  It is a much better idea to make sure you can competently complete the exercises in a given week before moving on.  Some of our clients spend multiple weeks working on some of the most basic movement patterns and exercises.

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